Difference Maker

what made the difference in my life?
The Difference Maker is God.
He threw Himself out before me
and thats how
I grew–
and grow.

hovering slightly above,
holding from below
in His beloved hands
He righteously made it so.

am I an acrobat?
am I a snail?
one is daring and fast
the other slow, methodical.

maybe some of both
neither being a hindrance
the Difference Maker came
weaving the threads.

Copyright (c) 2023 Dana Cook


It’s genius really, how God brings all things together.
Microbe upon microbe, aligning time and circumstances.

Predominantly, time has free will.
But order is God’s, examining futures, making things right.

So, be patient for it will all work out.
Restoration through love is sequenced by God.

Forever and ever one can see
The Creator’s handiwork for you and me.

The you’s and me’s of the world come from different realities of
of cultures and colors.
And this was God’s orders in the book of Genesis-chaos contained in Peace.

God had a dream…Martin Luther King, Jr. had it right!

Copyright (c) 2021 Dana Cook, MSW



Profundities and proverbs shed light on life’s circumstances.
One can take delight in their complexities, combined they are wisdom.

Sometimes, the words glow, glisten as they spark the ah-ha, the understanding.
Oh, how I wish My children would listen, if they did they would hear a whisper.

Hearing My whisper is a miracle indeed!
It is quiet, soft spoken, yet strong to the hearer.

Some would call it Authority, some All Knowing.
But all recognize its relevance, the Truth it’s telling.

I beg you to listen, lean in, and hear Me!
I am calling you. I am here. Come closer.

Copyright (c) 2020 Dana Cook, MSW

Wonders I See

Across the fruited plane a pandemic brings us to our knees.
We pause, we shelter where it’s safe to breathe.
Then environmentalists notice the air is cleaner, unpolluted are the streams!

In the streets a man cries “I can’t breathe!” because of the knee of hatred
and bigotry.
Now many take to the streets crying for change.
Once and for all the decision must be made we will no longer participate
in racism and cruel deeds.

I saw the International Space Station pass overhead last night, what a wonder
with astronauts in flight!
Now, the sun rises on what this new day could be where justice, equality, and
community are one, where are all truly free.
Let’s not blow this opportunity we have just about won!

The Creator noticed a darkness, a void that could not be tolerated and God
spoke order into the chaos.
First the earth, then the animals, and the people were last.
We have another chance to get it right, could it be that it is love,
-love is the wonder I see?

(c) Copyright 2020 Dana Cook


The layers of the beauty of the sky
All form together to make one beautiful thing.
That as far as the world can see, shines gloriously.

But I know its true meaning.
The beauty that lies within,
The filament of My masterpiece making the world right again.

The efforts that you make, spurned on by My beckoning
Create a chasm fortress that I (God) can clearly see,
Buttressed in My love one cannot help but see its glistening.

Here’s the way to see and gain understanding:
In all your ways acknowledge Me and I will lend an ear,
Leaning in to whisper that “I love you and hold you dear.”

Repeated confirmation that you realize its Me in you life
Strengthens and releases inside the one I created you to be.
Then you will see the person of beauty that you never knew
was a possibility.

Beauty comes from the inside:  its grace, love, and peace.
The fire kindled of the Holy Spirit,
Refined and cloaked in strength.

(c) 2017 Dana Cook