About Dana

This is an emotional thing for me.  No one is more surprised at this blog than I am!  To  God be the glory because I did not write poetry before March of 2016…

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, retired social worker, and a Bible study leader.  I am married to the love of my life, Jim.  We’ve been blessed to share many years together – through the joys and the struggles he is my best friend.

How It Began

I was busy packing and preparing for a weekend getaway when the Holy Spirit told me that I would have an online ministry and this ministry would be poetry and prayers.  In my shock I thought well, I know prayer but I don’t write poems so I said to the Holy Spirit, “I will start researching Christian poetry.”  The Holy Spirit responded, “It shall come from you.”

Now, I was very surprised at that because this girl has never paid much attention to poetry.  But the Holy Spirit didn’t leave me wondering how this would be for very long because a moment later a poem from Him came to me.  I started writing it down word for word.  I first grabbed an envelope that was on the counter and filled it up.  The words were coming in so fast that I could hardly keep up.  I was grabbing an index card here and a piece of scrap paper there.

I was still standing in amazement when the Holy Spirit gave me another poem.  And then another.  The Lord has continued to share His love and thoughts through dozens of poems since that day.  Sometimes, the writings are different, such as “The Lord’s Prayer” in Sacred Journals.  At times, the Spirit has given His thoughts to me that are especially useful at dusk or before sleep-you will find these under Evening Promises.

The Touring for Christ category contains pictures and video of places and symbols of God that I have spotted out of the windshield of a vehicle.  Under Prayer and Praise you will find statements from God and the responses from us, His children.

I am excited to share my writings with you!  Blessings,  Dana.