Wonders I See

Across the fruited plane a pandemic brings us to our knees.
We pause, we shelter where it’s safe to breathe.
Then environmentalists notice the air is cleaner, unpolluted are the streams!

In the streets a man cries “I can’t breathe!” because of the knee of hatred
and bigotry.
Now many take to the streets crying for change.
Once and for all the decision must be made we will no longer participate
in racism and cruel deeds.

I saw the International Space Station pass overhead last night, what a wonder
with astronauts in flight!
Now, the sun rises on what this new day could be where justice, equality, and
community are one, where are all truly free.
Let’s not blow this opportunity we have just about won!

The Creator noticed a darkness, a void that could not be tolerated and God
spoke order into the chaos.
First the earth, then the animals, and the people were last.
We have another chance to get it right, could it be that it is love,
-love is the wonder I see?

(c) Copyright 2020 Dana Cook


Author: Dana Cook

I am the penman. The poetry and writings on this site are from God. The Holy Spirit speaks. Pray, reflect, listen.

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