Inward Grace

(God never meant for us to have this pain and struggle. God wanted freedom and joy for us.)

Inward Grace

I am enlightened by His song of joy and love over me.
Instantly from You this one is flooded by the light
Immersed in His peace, I am resurrected within.

How happy am I to be in His presence again
Hopeful and safe in His loving arms that extend far and wide
His provision and protection sustain me through the greatest and deepest divide.

Jesus, its been You all along Who has beckoned me home
With clarity and rebirth so I can sing this song,
This song of happiness and heartfelt gratitude.

Inward grace requires my faith
And His effervescence to bubble up
Inside this temple that He designed now remarkably awakened!

Onward I go trusting His will and the way to show
To fulfill and sustain this wayward soul incrementally being tamed
Setting aside its desires following the most excellent way

(c) 2016 Dana Cook


Author: Dana Cook

I am the penman. The poetry and writings on this site are from God. The Holy Spirit speaks. Pray, reflect, listen.

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