Devotion, an element of Heaven
Begins slow on your part
And crescendos with Love’s prompt
To a place that is set apart

One cannot be as close as desired
Without God’s giving grace
For you to enter gallantly
Before His presence and stay

What does it take to be so brave
To seek His sovereign face
Is it me devoted to Him?
Or Him devoted to me that brings about this homecoming?

Whose constant pursuit satisfies the required step in faith?
Continually offering the self to Thee, answering the Higher standard call
Relinquishing that which is no longer needed
For Something so great (as You)

I am only this tiny little speck
Nothing much in comparison
But You have chosen to elevate
To one that You are so devoted!

(c) 2016 Dana Cook


Author: Dana Cook

I am the penman. The poetry and writings on this site are from God. The Holy Spirit speaks. Pray, reflect, listen.

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